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Steps to Get Started

2024欧洲杯买球入口's Office of Military Services is dedicated to supporting all members of the military community (active duty, veterans and family members) achieve their education and career goals.

Advisors are available to assist you with getting started, selecting a program of study, choosing classes and more.

Military and Veterans Campus Advisors
Name Title Phone Email Location
Ellis Colleton Military and Veterans Program Advisor 703.822.0018  MEC/RM HE 203-B
Luis Charboneau Military and Veterans Program Advisor 703.878.4636 Woodbridge Village 3 (WV-3) Building H, Room 101
Raisha Budiman VERITAS Military and Veterans Liaison 703.933.8332 Alexandria/Bisdorf AA RM 185-B
Kwame’ Uko VERITAS Military and Veterans Liaison 703-450-2583 (LO) 703-530-3529 (MA) Loudoun (M/T/W/F) Reynolds 216 Manassas (TH) MH 314
J. Sterling Trapps Military and Veterans Program Advisor 703.764.5004 Annandale/CA RM 114-C

There are special provisions for active duty military, veterans, and their families that allow them to pay in-state tuition without having to fulfill normal domicile or Virginia residency requirements. To take advantage of this benefit, you need to complete the Military-In-State Tuition Form and submit it, together with the required documents, to any 2024欧洲杯买球入口 Student Services Registrar's office.

Placement tests are conducted to determine the appropriate Math and English courses for students to start with. These tests provide the academic advisor with information about the student's skill level, which helps in enrolling them in courses that are best suited for their success.

If you are a military/veteran student using VA or TA benefits, you should take English and Math placement tests unless you have already completed college-level Math and/or English courses at another accredited college.

If you have any questions regarding placement testing, feel free to contact an advisor whose last name corresponds with the beginning letter of your last name.

Terri Payne (A - F) School Certifying Official 571.732.2030
Daina Hannibal (G - L) School Certifying Official 804.464.8157
Angela Sawyer (M - R) School Certifying Official 804.601.8258
Jinky Ebarle-Tweedie (S - Z) School Certifying Official

For more information about placement tests, including locations, contacts, procedures and more, visit 2024欧洲杯买球入口 Testing Centers.

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To get detailed information about 2024欧洲杯买球入口's programs and courses, you can check out the College Catalog. It contains all the descriptions of 2024欧洲杯买球入口's programs and classes, including their timings and locations. You may also search for class availability in My2024欧洲杯买球入口.

To register for classes, log in to My2024欧洲杯买球入口 and click on the Student Information System (SIS). From there, you can easily register for the classes of your choice.

After completing your class registration, you are required to submit a Veterans Enrollment Verification Form (VERF) online. You can access the form 105-063 using your My2024欧洲杯买球入口 username and password and submit it within 24 hours of registering for your classes. It's important to note that you should only submit the form once at the beginning of each semester, and it should only include courses that apply to your program requirements. Please keep in mind that waitlisted courses cannot be certified.

If you make any changes to your class schedule, you must submit a Veterans Enrollment Adjustment Form 125-062E with the updated information.

It's possible to pay for your classes through various methods, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs Education benefits, Department of Defense Tuition Assistance benefits, check, money order, VISA, Master Card, agency contract, or student financial aid. If you have received an official financial aid award letter from the College Financial Aid Office, you can also use it to pay for your classes.

If you are eligible, enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan.

Textbooks are sold at campus bookstores. Parking permits are available online or at on-campus Parking/2024欧洲杯买球入口Card offices.

Email Account

Please activate your 2024欧洲杯买球入口 email account as it is the only official email address that instructors will use to communicate with you. You will receive important updates related to course changes and other relevant information through your 2024欧洲杯买球入口 email account. It is important to note that students cannot activate their email accounts until they have enrolled in classes and paid all necessary fees.